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We have all heard about the extraordinary promise that stem cell research holds for the treatment of human diseases. Clinics all over the world claim to offer stem cell treatments for a wide variety of conditions. But are all of these treatments likely to be safe and effective?

The ISSCR provides information to help you evaluate these claims. Learn more about what this site can provide.Please check back in January 2015 for new and expanded resources.

View CBS' 60 Minutes (US) 2010 segment, "21st Century Snakeoil"

Get the Facts about Stem Cell Treatments

Many clinics offering stem cell treatments are making claims that are not supported by sound science.
Find out what is currently possible and what is not.
Top Ten Things to Know About Stem Cell Treatments.

The ISSCR Patient Handbook

The ISSCR has created a take-along handbook with information to help patients and their families evaluate stem cell treatments they may be considering.
View the Patient Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies 
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PersianPortugueseSpanish and Turkish.)

How Science Becomes Medicine

There is a well-established path by which scientific discoveries are developed into medicine. This path not only tests that treatments are safe and effective, but also checks that the rights of patients are protected.
Learn more about How Science Becomes Medicine.