Basic Research: The Wind Beneath Innovation’s Wings

Aug 10 2020
Biomedical research – the science of investigating the mechanisms and causes of disease – has been the driving force for many of the greatest medical advances in history: from drugs like penicillin to fight bacterial infections to medications like insulin to control diabetes. Its importance feels even more pertinent nowadays amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While...
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Stem Cells as Tools to Identify COVID-19 Treatments

Jun 06 2020
COVID-19 has had profound and far-reaching impacts, affecting the health and safety of millions of people worldwide. Scientists from different disciplines are coming together and pooling their unique skill sets and resources to...
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Truths Around ‘Stem Cell’ Treatments

Jan 14 2020
This blog space is dedicated to putting “stem cells in focus” for the public and potential consumers of stem cell therapies. Monthly blog posts feature authoritative, and scientifically-based information to help educate on stem cell research and its potential to impact human health. This month we want to highlight the recent commentary in Scientific American,...
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Communicating About Unproven Stem Cell Treatments to the Public

Nov 12 2019
In recent years, there has been a proliferation of unregulated stem cell clinics providing unproven treatments for patients with a variety of diseases, injuries, and congenital defects. With more than 700 stem cell clinics in operation within the United States alone, and many more worldwide, patients have increasing access to risky, untested options for serious...
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How Understanding Stem Cell Biology Can Improve Cancer Therapy

Oct 03 2019
Radiation therapy and chemotherapy have traditionally been considered the main forms of cancer treatment. While these treatments can be highly effective, they have significant negative side effects due to their unintended collateral toxicity on normal cells in the body. New treatments are needed to more safely treat cancers, which affect millions of people worldwide every...
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