Single Cell Sequencing: Unwinding Embryonic Development One Cell at a Time

Jan 04 2019
At one point, we were all just one single cell: a fertilized zygote formed when a sperm and egg fused together. That one cell gave rise to all of the roughly 37 trillion specialized cells that make up each of our bodies today. All the cells from our heads to our toes, every single one...
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Scientists Discover Bone-a fide Human Skeletal Stem Cell

Dec 11 2018
If you’ve ever broken a bone, you are not alone. Statistics show that, over a lifetime, the average person experiences 2 bone fractures. For those with osteoporosis, that figure escalates, on average, to one bone fracture every 3 seconds, or nearly nine million fractures a year. Bone fractures, bone pain, and deformities that result from...
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The Ubiquitous Stem Cell Sales Pitch

Nov 12 2018
Do you suffer from [insert disease/condition/injury here]? Attend our seminar to learn how stem cell therapy is helping people just like you! These advertisements increasingly appear on the internet or in multi-page print ads, and they’re now in television and radio spots too. These seminars are the latest attempts by rogue stem cell clinics to...
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Stem Cells and Aging – What Happens When Our Stem Cells Get Old and Tired?

Oct 01 2018
Aging is an inevitable, unnerving process that confronts us all. Eventually our muscles and immune systems will weaken, our hair will thin, and our minds won’t be as sharp as they once were. But what is the biology that underlies this process? And what if advances in the field of regenerative medicine could counteract this...
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Gene Therapy: Treating the Cause, Not the Symptom

Sep 10 2018
Gene therapy, CRISPR, and gene editing are all terms that are beginning to appear more frequently in headlines, and the concept of manipulating DNA inside cells – once found only in science fiction – is now reality. In fact, gene editing is routinely done in labs around the world, with potentially transformative applications for medicine....
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