Setting the Standards – New Stem Cell Research Guidelines Released

Aug 05 2021
Paul Sakuma/AP Megan Munsie, The University of Melbourne and Melissa Little, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) today released updated guidelines for stem cell research and its translation to medicine. Developed in response to...
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I’ll Take My Burger with a Side of Sustainability

Jun 08 2021
Imagine that a chef personally asks you to taste a new burger recipe. It looks medium rare as requested, has a satisfying texture, and most importantly, it tastes delightfully meaty. What if they tell you that the burger you just ate was better for animals, the environment, and your health? Then they tell you that the...
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Can Stem Cell Research Save Endangered Species?

Mar 02 2021
“It’s like witnessing a funeral,” a spectator whispers as the Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard chafes a rubber eraser against a pencil portrait of the swift parrot. This critically endangered bird migrates between southeastern mainland Australia and Tasmania, where it breeds. Rickard has been drawing and then erasing meticulous replicas of extinct and threatened species...
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The Universe of Universal Stem Cells: Rewards vs Risks

Jan 12 2021
Many incurable health problems are characterized by the death of cells that cannot regenerate or repair themselves upon damage or injury. For example, cardiac muscle cells die in heart attack, nerve cells perish in the brain during a stroke, and insulin-producing cells vanish in diabetes. Unfortunately, these cells are incapable of regeneration, leading to irreversible...
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Stem Cells May Offer Key to Treating Venomous Snake Bites

Nov 09 2020
Each year people around the world fall victim to about 1.8 – 2.7 million venomous snake bites. Many of these injuries go untreated due to lack of access to available treatments or health insurance, resulting in more than 100,000 deaths and approximately three times as many permanent disabilities. New therapies are needed to treat snakebite...
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