Celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day – October 12

April 17, 2017

The ISSCR joins organizations and individuals around the world in celebrating the cells that are the building blocks of life: stem cells. Unlike other cell types, stem cells are unspecialized cells uniquely capable of making copies of themselves (self-renewing), differentiating into specialized cell types, and helping to maintain some tissues in the human body. These qualities have made stem cell research a fascinating field, with a broad reach that spans the study of fundamental biological processes to modern medicine.

Scientists are making major advances in understanding human development, how cells change and are changed by age and environment, and the ways in which human disease develops and progresses. The research possibilities are endless.  

The potential for stem cells to play a key role in new medicines is also being realized, and the ISSCR has developed A Closer Look at Stem Cells to increase public awareness about what is and is not known about the science and its clinical applications. We hope you will take a minute to read through the resources and view the videos describing stem cell science (courtesy of Stem Cell Network).

Please join us on Stem Cell Awareness Day to celebrate the excitement and possibilities ahead for the stem cell field and the development of medical therapies to treat some of the world’s most intractable diseases.