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Stem cell science and research are complex topics, changing daily as new discoveries are made and shared within the field. Please tap the ISSCR as a resource when covering scientific breakthroughs and new or potential treatments in the field or the stem cell industry.

The ISSCR media department is happy to provide:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information on stem cell science, including the different types of stem cells and how they are being used in research
  • Clarification of scientific terminology
  • A checklist of common misperceptions and errors related to stem cell research
  • Interviews with stem cell experts, including those with basic research, clinical, ethics and legal backgrounds

Interested in attending the ISSCR’s annual scientific meeting? Complimentary registration is available for qualified members of the media. Click here to learn more.

Media Inquiries and Interview Requests
Anne Nicholas
Communications Director
media@isscr.org | 847-929-4818